My Best Friend

“A Story about my best friend”

I’m writing this because my best friend is a lot to me.I wouldn’t trade anyone to take his place.His name is Harrison.I knew him since seventh grade.He is the best person i ever met so far. Harrison and I have a lot of things in common.Even though we are different genders,we like the same kinds of stuff.He isn’t gay or anything, it’s just the way he is.That’s what I really like.He doesn’t have to change his ways to be friends with someone.At some point of our close friendship,we began talking about if we were ever to date.That really made me think!I mean what if we were to break up.Our relationship wouldn’t be the the same anymore.And I didn’t want that to change. So one day I told him all I could do is be friends with him.At first he didn’t understand. But he ended up not talking to me for about three days.I didn’t know how much it was going to effect him.So I went up to him and explained to him why I felt like that.But all he could say was why.But soon he overcame that conflict.Till to this day we are still best friends.The only thing keeping us apart is living an hour away from each other.

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