My Best Friend

1 January 2017

A friend in need is a friend indeed. This famous saying holds true. A true friend never sees only your good days and good deeds but he stands by you even on the darkest day of your life. Ramu Rao studies in my class. We have been friends since class two. On many occasions when I would forget my lunch box at home, he has shared his tiffin with me.

Once when I nearly fought with the class bully he saved me. He thought that no good would come from bad actions and to get good things in life one must do good things too. Like you throw flowers towards the sky they fall on you.So if you were to throw a handful of stones, they would also fall on your head. I shall remember this always. When I broke my leg, Ramu came to my house regularly with notes and homework. He helped me keep up with school work.

My Best Friend Essay Example

There is so much I learn from him each day. He motivates me to do well in studies. He encourages me to take part in school games and literary activities. I have learnt that there are fair-weather friends. These people will be with you only in good times and desert you the moment your chips are down.A good friend stands you in good stead all throughout your life. You get strength, inspiration and happiness in such a relationship.

Ramu Rao has been all of this to me. His virtue of patience and compassion for all is indeed amazing. That soft spoken countenance and dignity with which he conducts himself shows his good culture and upbringing. Even though he is from a typical middle class family, his fundamentals and beliefs are very strong. I am proud to be his friend. He is indeed my best friend. 2.

Friendship is very important for everyone, especially me.During my studying from elementary school to university, I have lots of friends. Among those, there are a few friends who are my best friends. Now I would like to describe one of my best friends whose name is Petou. The first reason I consider him as my best friend is that he has a very warm personality. He is so friendly when he meets me everywhere. For example, he always smiles politely on me that makes me absolutely delighted when I meet him.

Furthermore, Honesty is his good manner. He never lies to me even one time, because he likes to say something true.Moreover, Petou is a funny person. He always tells me some funny stories in order to reduce stress from studying. He is good at telling jokes, for he can create them on his own. It is really amazing. In addition, he is a compassionate friend, who always helps other buddies when they have problem.

He always cares especially about me. He is very useful for me. The second reason is that Petou has full of ability. He was one of the national outstanding students in 2009. I really appreciate him so much about this. Furthermore, He excels at every subject that makes me admire him very much.Since I have known him, I notice that he never fails the exams.

He always gets high score in my class. In addition, he is killed at explaining the lessons. For instance, when I don’t apprehend any lesson, he can explain me clearly and concisely. Moreover, He is mighty smart. According to my observation, he easily understands the lessons when he reads or studies. He is my good example forever. To summarize, Petou is one of my best friends who has a good personality that make me more happy and interested in him.

Also, he has a great ability to help other friends and me.I really like him. 3. A best friend is the first person who comes in when, out of the door, the whole world has gone. A best friend is one who loves the truth and you, and will tell the truth in spite of you. There are lots of people who you make friendship with, but it is very hard to find a true and honest friend. But I am very lucky that I have a best friend with whom I can share my feelings and divide grief with.

His name is Jassi. He is very friendly, and I am very happy to have him as my best friend. He is very well respectful, hardworking, and an honest person.First, Jassi has all those friendly habits that we seek in a friend such as friendly behavior and respectfulness. He is very respectful and friendly person. For example, to be more respectful person, if anybody comes to his house, he welcomes him or her to come in and ask to have a seat and then he ask him or her to have something to drink very nicely. He is also very helpful person.

For instance, he helps his parents in their work such as mowing the lawn and cleaning the house. He also helps his mother preparing the dinner and helps her in washing the dishes.Also, Jassi is a hardworking and a very punctual person. He likes doing his work on time. For example, he always does his homework and gives it to the teacher whenever it is due. He always attends his classes and prepare for his tests and quizzes. And to keep his grade up in all classes, he studies hard for tests and quizzes.

On the other hand, he works a part time job, so he could make his pocket money. But also sometimes he works overtime on the weekend to make more money for his future studies for college.Finally, Jassi is very honest friend. He is very well mannered and organized person. He loves the truth and hate lying. Beyond that if he make any mistakes, he tries to solve the mistake. He doesn’t like hiding things like most of the people, such as hiding the truth.

And he always keeps his work. He takes every risk to be successful in life. In conclusion, Jassi is very friendly and well organized person. He loves the people who speak truth and to be successful in life he is working very hard. And I am very happy to have him as my best friend!

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