My Best Friend

2 February 2017

My best Friend He is a short boy and is 160cm in height. He is 17 years old. He is thin, with a spiky hair and gentle eyes.

His skin is dark. He is usually smiling and so he has a very pleasant, friendly face. He is my friend. I first met him in kindergarten. It was my first day of school and I was a little bit upset. My mother took me into class and told me where to sit. She told me she would pick me up after school.

A group of naughty children bullied me. Tears started roll down my checks. All of a sudden, he appeared to help me to drive away the naughty children.He said: β€œDon’t cry! I’ll be your friend! ”The soft voice uttered beside me comforted me. We have been friends ever since then. We both like Chemistry subject. When exam is around the corner, we will revise our lessons before exam.

He usually explains everything to me and helps me with my homework. He made going to school fun for me. We were an odd-looking pair, always walking around together. We are both librarians and member of the Chinese society last year. He is a friendly person. He is not proud and makes friends easily.So it is not surprising that he is always saying hello to everyone.

He also always shows concern for me whenever I am sick or I am sad. He is very caring. He is willing to help anyone in trouble and you can always depend on him. He is also active in activity co-curricular. Besides that, he is a St. John’s Club corporal and he also acted drama in school. He is a very honest person, he does not tell lies.

He always tells me to speak the truth. He want me to be brave when I am facing a problem and tries to solve it instead of crying.In addition, I also should not escape from facing a problem. He is truly a very good friend. He has always helped me in times of trouble. I normally share all my problems with him because he can give me good advice. He also encourages me whenever I feel down.

He wants me not to complain about everything and wants me to be sincere to people. Because of this, the others also will be sincere to me. I am very thankful that I have such a good friend like Ah ming. I hope that we will remain friends always.

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