My Best Friend

9 September 2016

And the reason is not only that we were in Chtistmas Berlin, but also our jolly crowd. We all know that the quality of our rest straight depends on the people who are with us. I will not tell about Berlin and its beauty, I’d better tell about one splendid person. Because of her, I was in fairy tale. When I looked at her for the first time, my thought was β€œWhat a sunny, miraculous and brightly person! Her charming smile and ringing laugh does not leave you indifferent and gives a good mood for all day. Her smile is so sincere and favorable, that you can forget about all your problems at once. In addition, you cannot but surely notice her fascinating big brown eyes. They are so attractive and delicious as the tastiest chocolate in the world. You can watch into her eyes steadily, because it bewitches you. Looking into her eyes, you see the ambitious, cheerful and sensible person. Her eyebrows underline her significant eyes and facial features.

Her full sexy lips draw your attention, show you, that she is so kind, romantic, sympathetic person, that you at once can confide in her, and tell her everything you want; you will be sure, your secrets are in safety. I cannot but say about her little, exact, straight nose. As people say, if the person has high forehead, this person is clever. I am inclined to certain this statement is completely about my friend. All this tremendous shape is supplemented with her luxuriant, long, flaring, soft, silky with delicious smell dark brown hair.

Her peculiarity as not only in her beauty, but also in her height. She is of small stature, compact and cute. If I were a man, I would dote on her all the time. Moreover, you will notice her Quinn carriage and all her woman’s breasts. As you have already understand, she looks like a princess from fairy tale. I am very happy and proud, that I have so easy-going, chatty, considerate, likable, reliable, romantic, wise friend. She made my Christmas fairy tale. She always makes me positive in any situation. Such friends are priceless.

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