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2 February 2017

Saudi Cafe Three days ago, I got a great idea about Saudi cafe in Gainesville. This is a new business here in Gainesville. This cafe will be a unique business of its kind here. The business will provide a good idea about Saudi culture and customs. When you come to the cafe, it will draw your attention to distinctive Saudi design. You will see pictures on the walls about life in Saudi. You will smell the odor of incense and east perfumes mixed with Arabic coffee. All waiters should dress in special Saudi clothes.

The business will be designed as Saudi design like seats, wall, and light. This business sells Saudi drinks which are special and delicious. There are also dates and date cakes. We will offer a good price to attract customers. We will advertise on the radio and have gave t-shirt with the logo of the business. Also, it is very important from the beginning to choose the appropriate location for the shoot attract attention customers. My goals are to present a good image of my country. Also, I want to provide a comfortable place for relaxing and enjoying a good drink.

My Cafe Essay Example

In the future, I plan to register my business as a franchise. Then I will open other branches and extend the activity of my business. I intend to make my business take part in charity work. I want to have many customers and provide services to satisfy the customers. Finally, this is a dream business for me in Gainesville. I know that business started from zero and then grew. I know that good business need planning and determination. I wish to achieve my dream as I planned. I shall endeavor to make a successful business.

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