My Challenges

1 January 2019

I moved to America when I was 5 and it was a hard change for a kid with a turban. Epically after the tragedy of 9/11, I was looked down upon by kids in my school. It was not only school sometimes I would go to the park and kids would make fun of me calling me egg head, terrorist, and much more. At first it was hurtful and I didn’t know what to do. As I grew up the racism just continued and I got so use to it, it stop affecting me.

I grew up in neighborhoods which did not have any other Indians but I still made friends. They helped me and supported me whenever I was “attacked” upon. This experience made me stronger and encouraged me. I studied harder so I can speak, write, and read English like my peers. I wanted to prove to everyone that I was not different than them just like them I watch cartoons, like to play basketball and want to have fun. As time went on I wanted something else, something more twisted and evil. I wanted to be on top of the school and put down all the kids that made fun of me but never did because I discovered something. I discovered that if I make fun of them, they’ll just hate me more and that’s not what I wanted.

My Challenges Essay Example

After awhile the jokes just went away and the same kids that made fun of me became my friends. Whenever I had a problem I got support from my school and peers. This experience instead of creating hate made me for accepting and stronger. It made me realize the words don’t mean anything and will never stop me from accomplishing my dreams. I joined the basketball team in middle school and was the only Indian kid on the team ever and was proud of it. I wanted any kid with a turban know that nothing could hold us back. I learned that I don’t need to prove myself to anyone but myself and if I am happy nothing else matters.

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