My. Chemical. Romance.

9 September 2019

My Chemical Romance.

They’ve suffered through more controversy, been through more hate, and received more love than any other band in existence. With millions of fans proudly declaring that “My Chemical Romance SAVED MY LIFE!!!”and millions more insisting that “My Chemical Romance SUCK,” one must wonder- why? What is it about this band that evokes such strong feelings? To examine this, we must look at the essence of this band. It’s music.

Their first debut album, released on July 23, 2002, is entitled “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love.” It’s loud, intense, and rough. With tracks such as “Early Sunsets Over Monroeville,” and “Demolition Lovers,” it’s all about the imagery. Staged as a concept album, it pictures two Bonny and Clyde- type lovers, eventually killed in a barrage of gunfire. The next album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, continues this story. The man, in purgatory, makes a deal with Satan. He redeems his hell-bound lover for the soul of a thousand evil men. Almost every song on this album is different, creating an experience rather than an album. Next comes The Black Parade. It is, by far, the biggest production. It portrays a dying man’s journey out of life. It’s highly reflective, thought-provoking, and strangely calming. Through these snapshots in time, it’s clear how this band has grown, changed, and became the subject of so much obsession.

Now we understand the music, but it’s also important to consider the majority of it’s fanbase. Their fans are mostly split into two groups- “real” fans, and “liekomghe’ssohawtt!” fans. “likeomghe’ssohawtt!” fans- we’re talking 15-25 year old girls, half attracted to the “cool” associated with being depressed, and half attracted to the band’s attractive lead singer. Thier “real” fans have stuck with them through every song, ever live performance, and every radio interview. Unfortunately, these people can get obsessive, claiming My Chemical Romance as “theirs,” and instilling a holier-than-thou point of view. Having said this, the majority of the fans are just in the middle, a good combination of obsession and need.

My Chemical Romance. Music, fans, obsession. Understand?

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