My College Experience

11 November 2018

College… it’s the best of times it’s the worst of times. You can be who you want to be and do what you want to do, everyone has their own experience. Mine will be different though.

I will wrestle bears, cheer for sports teams and bleed our schools colors. I shall do homework, shave sheep, find a castle with a dragon and rescue a princess. I will lead a pack of wolves while drinking a coke. I will wrestle an alligator and probably be seriously injured, but its ok I’m in college.

I will write essays, I will treat the tooth fairy at TGI Fridays. I will lead the football team on the field; I will do more homework while writing a book that becomes famous.

I will compete in the Hunger games, but be disqualified for being too good looking. I will hang out with Obama and do more homework.

I will create a fourth dimension. I will clean my room I will fight Mike Tyson… and I will still make it to class on time.

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