My Country, My Home

2 February 2017

I am so lucky because I was born in Malaysia. Why did I say this? This is because Malaysia is a good country in the universe. Malaysia is a country full of many different things. However, my country is also full of good points which makes many people love it. Firstly, the food is different from state to state. For example, in Ipoh, I can eat many food which cannot be eaten in other states, but it still in my country. Ipoh is famous for ”Ipoh Beansprouts Chicken”, I like to eat because it very tasty but very inconvenient because we need one hour or half an hour before we are served.

Besides, when I go to Kuala Selangor, I always never let opportunity go with easy. This is because Kuala Selangor nearby Port Klang, sells lot of fresh seafood and just catch of the fishermen. Thus, I would buy a lot of seafood, then cook at restaurant and enjoy my tasty meat. Malaysia is a multiracial’s country. There are Malays, Indian, Chinese, Iban and Kadazan. Although my country is a multiracial country, Malaysians always work together to make sure our country is in a good position. Do not be as afraid as a grasshopper and think being multiracial will bring harm to Malaysia like a war.

My Country, My Home Essay Example

Being Malaysian, we should be proud of our country because it is a multiracial country and no other country is same our country. Warm weather, many countries have warm weather but the warm weather temperature in Malaysia is 37 c, no so hot or so cool. This is because Malaysia is a country is situated on Equatorial Line in the Earth. Anyway, I still wish Malaysia has the condition of snow in month of December, especially on Christmas Day. Nevertheless the people in Malaysia can have many outdoor activities because do not worry about the bad weather like tempest, snow storm and windy weather.

If Malaysia always needs warm weather, Malaysians must preserve our forests. Diverse culture such as Asian values also arise in Malaysia. This is because Malaysia is a multiracial country. For Malays, before they celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri, they need to observe the month of fasting Ramadan Islam. For Indians, they cannot eat beef because cow is sacred to them. They are celebrate Hari Deepavali and Thaipusam. While the Chinese, some of them are religion Buddhism and some of them are religion Christianity.

When religion Buddhism have many festival to celebrate, there are Chinese New Year, Mooncake Festival, Duan Wu Festival and ‘Chap Goh Mei’. The Christians celebrate Christmas Day, Good Friday and need to church on Sunday. A different race has different culture, so we can learn different cultures and life-style from them. At least we can increase our knowledge from them. In Malaysia, at least 30-40 days are public holidays. Hence, many places in Malaysia become popular tourist destination because of the holiday hotspots session. For example, Port Dickson.

Many people like camping in here, then their would have many aquatic sports and other sports on the beach. Aquatic sports are like swimming, playing volleyball, surfing, and,motor boat racing, but I can take a submarine boat to submerge. Besides, some car racing and motorcycle racing also held on the holidays. Give me, I like to go shopping, traveling, playing computer games and reading at home on the holidays. Nevertheless Malaysia is a good country, but some problems need improvement too. To be a Malaysian, I’m very disappointed with the environment because it is very dirty.

So, we should be have the habit of keeping clean to our country. Like the streets, public toilets, rivers, playgrounds, fields and beaches. I don’t understand why the people like to throw the rubbish to these places and don’t want throw to the dustbin! If we want our country look more clean and beautiful, everyone must be woperate to make sure our country can be changed from dirty to clean. Malaysia’s public transport is just in middle class, so the government needs to think of improve the cheap public transport service. At least our country should be have half of standard from Japan and Shanghai.

Therefore, the percentage of accident can decrease. Besides, it also can improve traffic congestion to make many people no feel boring in traffic congestion and can save time to do another important thing. I like most the transportation in Japan, I wish there will come a day, my home can have a transport system similar to the one in Japan. Furthermore, our country’s bribery and corruption is increasing day by day. Why the people could be like that? Everyone surely has learned many values in primary school and also in secondary school, so the problem like bribery and corruption would appear in society?

Don’t say corruption have arise in society, in school especially secondary school also have many students became corruption, so I hate of them and very disappointed to them. Bribery is the people who is dishonest and prepared to receive money to do things that are wrong or illegal. For examples, a corrupt judge, a corrupt police. Besides, in our country, a corrupt political system also arise and make our country’s image looking bad. Thus, I hope these people need to improve and turn over a new leaf.

However, I still love my country because it has cheap shopping, no severe nature disasters, no war, the petrol is cheapest in the region “freedom” of speech to a certain extent, freedom of religion, many friendly people and natural resources. Even though many bad matters need improvement, I still believe Malaysia can solve all the problem are arise in nowadays. This is because “Malaysia Boleh”, if everyone can work together to elevate the image of Malaysia. Thus, don’t be selfish, because we are Malaysian and Malaysia not only is my country and my home, but also is yours country and yours home!

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