My Culture

12 December 2018

Yes, I’m a female, but being a female has not shaped my view of the world. Yes, I don’t look like a model, but my plainness has not altered my perception of life. Yes, I’m the youngest of three, but being the baby has not built my vision. Yes, I’m an African-American, but being black has not skewed my point of view of the world.

KRS-One once said that rap is an action, but hip-hop is a culture. I like to believe that hip-hop is my culture and my world. It was made for youth by youth to address issues we feel. Hip-hop blurs racial lines. True hip-hop doesn’t care what you look like. Hip-hop has affected my view of the world. It has also influenced my decision on what contribution I want to make to society.

My Culture Essay Example

My dream is to be an A&R coordinator. I want to find, develop, and watch deserving artists succeed. I want to put out music that any fan of the genre will love, while their parents approve and respect it. Many great hip-hop artists were told they would never amount to anything, but one person came along and had faith in them (i.e. Puffy and Notorious BIG). I want to be that one person for discouraged artists.

I also dream of being a novelist and journalist. Icons and important events in hip-hop have played a major role in many of my writings. I always attempt to diversify my writings and try something new, but hip-hop somehow always weaves itself into my stories. Hip-hop has many faces, therefore many of my characters display a different aspect of hip-hop.

Hip-hop has shown me that anyone can go from nothing to something just by being determined and hard working. I will always love hip-hop for teaching me that important life lesson.

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