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6 June 2017

Unit plans and daily agendas and their connection to California state standards in American History will help keep all of us clued in on our progress. As a goal, I expect all of my students to become expert American historians upon completing my class. Knowledgeable historians go beyond memorizing dates and facts: they offer critical insight. I want all of you to be able to offer this critical insight. Your class assignments will help develop this kind of thought. We will work with our textbook throughout the semester, but it will by no means be our only learning tool.

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I plan on bringing in many outside sources such as videos, rimary documents … that will help provide you with several different historical perspectives. Expectations: In turn, I expect you to use these outside sources to help support your views. We will embark on several projects this year that I hope will help you take an active role in the class. Some of these activities include: mint-dramas, group presentations, poetry poster projects… I will provide you with information about these activities as the year progresses. Materials Used and Required: As stated above, we will use the textbook The Americans .

You will receive your textbook from the Instructional Media Center and ust take full responsibility for the text. Your textbook will remain at home for the most part, though I will ask you to bring your book to class at certain times (especially our unit on the Constitution/Bill of Rights) during the year. Also, on a daily basis, please bring the following materials: pen, pencil, binder, and paper and a highlighter set with at lease 3 different colors. Notebook Requirement: A soft 3 ring binder is recommended for this class and may only contain work for United States History.

You need to purchase dividers for this notebook in order to keep it organized and much more user friendly for you. The notebook will be divided into 5 sections (so you need 5 dividers) and we will set up our notebooks on Friday. Thus, you need to purchase a soft 3 ring binder by Friday. Wallmart, Target and CVS represent store locations where you can buy a binder for class. Part of your unit exams will be open notebook so organization and consistent maintenance of your binder will be an important factor in your success in the course.

At the end of each quarter, you may remove past assignments and leave them at home in a place where you can locate them easily in the future when we prepare for ur cumulative semester final. Grades: Grading will be based on the percentage system, 89-100= A, 79-88= B, 69-78= C, 55-69=D, below 55=F. Your final percentage will be calculated from a weighted percentage of Exams, homework quizzes, group presentations, projects and other assignments will all count towards this grade. Student grades will be determined by weighted grades.

Each category will have a value as follows: 0 Classwork 0 Homework 0 Projects/Essays 25% 0 Quiz Scores 0 Test Scores 35% Unit Tests: Often, we will have an exam at the conclusion of the unit we study. The est format will have sections consisting of matching, multiple choice or fill-in, and possible essay. Generally, the matching section will be closed notes and the multiple choice or fill-in and essay sections open notes. You will also receive a unit study guide a few days before the exam to help you prepare. Unit tests will have a value of approximately 200 to 250 points depending on the length of the exam and unit.

Your tests will be challenging and carry a very important percentage value in determining your final grade. Cheating Policy: Cheating and dishonesty will not be tolerated in this lassroom. Put ideas and concepts into your own words when using resource material for reports. If you copy a source word for word, make sure you quote the source and cite where you found it. We will discuss this process more throughout the year. Do your own work on individual assignments. Cases of cheating and plagiarism will result in a score of zero points for that assignment and an out of class conference with you and your parents.

Homework/late work: We will have homework throughout the year. Late work will be accepted for one day after the due date, but lowered to half Credit. After that day, no work on that assignment will be given credit. Homework holds a value of 20 points but can be used during the test as notes. Although homework does not have significant value up front, it will be very valuable to the test. Those with excused absences are allowed to makeup work without a penalty. You will receive one day for each day absent to make up missed assignments.

After an absence, please come talk to me before or after class to receive the assignments and information you missed. Also, it is very important to note that students not present due to an unexcused absence or suspension cannot makeup issed work. Those sent to support room may make up missed work but you must come and see me after school on those days you spent in support room in order to be able to make up the work. District Board Policy 61 54 requires that I mention the following statement that the school board adopted in regards to nightly homework.

Per night, 9 th -12th grade students will typically average 2 hours of homework. Students may be given limited homework on holidays and weekends to meet course objectives and acquisition ot skills. Unfinished classroom work may be sent home to be completed but should not e required in addition to homework. Unfinished classroom work can be done at lunch and after school. Regular reading at home on a nightly basis is encouraged but nor required in addition to assigned homework. Historical Video: Occasionally we will watch historical movies or movie clips.

All of these films are significant to the study of our class but hold a higher rating other than “G”. Therefore I have included a permission slip below that I ask you to review and sign. Please Check Below. Edmodo. com Page: This year in an effort to reach out to students, I have set up an Edmodo account for my class. Edmodo. com is a website much like Facebook but created strictly for educational purposes. With my Edmodo page, I will be able to post assignments electronically, Post comments and reply to student comments. Students will be required to set up an account and connect to my Edmodo page via the internet.

Parents are also invited to Join as well. I will go over this with more detail as the first week progresses. Tardy Policy: Tardy Policy: I follow the tardy policy of the school. The policy can be found in the student handbook (as well as below) that you will receive from the school administration. Please be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings. Kimball High School has decided that your teachers can set their own consequences for your 1st two tardies. Here are mine. Please note that you also will not be allowed to make up work missed due to an unexcused tardy. 2.

A tardy is defined as arrival to class within the first ten (10) minutes after the tardy bell rings. Students must be in their seats when the bell rings. Arrival to class 10-29 minutes after the tardy bell will constitute a late. Arrival to class 30 minutes or later will constitute an unexcused absence. Students receiving an admit after the 8:30 bell as rung will be marked accordinginly. 1, 2 – Teacher consequence (Teacher discretion) 3,4 – Afterschool Detention. Parent notified by teacher. 5 – Same as 3-4 but afterschool detention for 2 days. 6 – Referral to Assistant Principal.

One full day suspension to Support Room. Placed on contract (next tardy referral results in one-day suspension home. Parents contacted by Assistant Principal. 7 – One-day suspension home for Defiance of Authority. 8 – Revert back to 3-4 Consequences Students 10 or more minutes late to a class will receive one hour of Saturday School and the specified tardy consequence. TA Expectations: TA’s serve a vital role to the success of the course and need to carry themselves in a professional manner. Teaching assistants are expected to arrive to class on time and ready to work on a daily basis.

Responsi il t b i ies include but are not limited to: stapling and hole punching assignments, dropping off and picking up copy requests, assisting in group activities… Failure to follow established course and school rules and policies will result in a lower grade. Expectations, Rules and Procedures: Every member of this class and I will demonstrate respectful behavior towards one nother. Only positive interaction will be tolerated. We all must abide by the following rules in order to ensure that we have a successful and comfortable classroom environment. 1 .

Arrive to class on time and ready to work. 2. Sit and stay in your assigned seat unless otherwise permitted 3. Follow the no hats and dress code policy of our school 4. Be polite and respectful to others 5. Participate in all classroom activities. Please do not disturb our class by talking out of turn or working on assignments from other classes. Consequences for violation of these rules are as follows. st offense: Verbal warning 2nd offense: Student-teacher conference outside of class and/or call home to your parents. 3rd offense: Referral to the Assistant Principal and a phone call home.

Must come and see me at the end of the day to make up missed work, or receive no credit for the time you missed. Realize that I reserve the right to send students to the support room or an administrator when I feel they are disrupting the learning process of others, or creating a dangerous situation in the classroom. Parents/Guardians: Please read this syllabus with your child so that you are clear of my expectations. I believe that it is very important to establish and maintain a strong and positive relationship with my student’s parents. Please feel free to contact me.

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