My Dream Job

12 December 2016

Discuss how your interest in the subject developed and describe any experience you have had in the field – such as volunteer work, internships and employment, participation in student organizations and activities – and what you have gained from your involvement. I’ve wanted to become a mechanical engineer ever since the first time I saw a Formula One racing car on TV. There was something special about the car that captured my interest. I admired the skillful drivers, but I was more drawn to the person who made the car.

My father told me only mechanical engineers are able to design machines that complex. In that moment, I decided to study mechanical engineering so that I could design the best cars in the future. When I discovered physics in high school, I realized how exciting it was to focus on a subject I liked. The deeper I studied physics, the more passionate I became. My growing interest helped me make my decision to study abroad in the United States. I know that the U. S. has the most advanced engineering technology in the world, so I am excited by the possibility of continuing my education there.

My Dream Job Essay Example

My parents support the idea wholeheartedly. In all the generations of my family, I will be the first to attend college—they would be proud if I pursued my studies in the United States. While there have been many events in college that have convinced me I am well-suited for the study of mechanical engineering—such as building a “mouse trap car” during a physics class I took—my interests have been shaped most dramatically by a college robot competition. The robot competition took three weeks to complete. It was the first time I tried to build a model robot, but my mentor in the project taught me everything I needed to know.

Professor Mason took me through the process step by step until I had built a complete moving robot. At that moment, I truly felt I was a mechanical engineer. I think Professor Mason is one of the biggest influences in my life because he gave me a very memorable lesson in the last lecture of that semester. Instead of talking about our final exam, he explained how quickly we are using our resources on the earth. He concluded by telling us that we could run out of oil in forty years, and that we—the future engineers—should really think about how to address this roblem. His last lecture gave me a new perspective on my childhood dream. I still want to make the fastest car in the world, but it needs to be dramatically more efficient than the ones we are using now. I want to invent new machines that use fewer of the earth’s resources but can do more work than ever. The cars of the future have to be fast and frugal. Professor Mason’s class confirmed my original goal and also extended it to a deeper level: I want to design and model machines that help us preserve our resources while still improving human lives.

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