My Dream School

6 June 2017

Third Period: Board Games: This class will give students the strategic part of their day. In the Board Games Class, students will attempt to think two steps ahead of their opponents while playing either chess or scrabble. This class is an elective. Fourth Period: Wilderness Survival: Students will be taught great life lessons from this class. They will be able to survive in any wilderness for a minimum of one week. They will be taught how to ration, keep sane, and proper survival technique. Fifth and Sixth Period: During fifth and sixth period, students will have an assembly every day.

In these assemblVs, students will listen to people whose lives have been perfect without a legitimate education. If you register your child now. your child and the rest of your family will get a chance to fly to Nelson Mandela’s home and have a conversation with him about his childhood.

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Seventh Period: And finally, the class that you have been waltlng for. Since our school Is named Ameer All’s school for Kids who cant Read Good, we do not offer English courses; that does not mean we cannot offer Mathematics, Science or History. Throughout the eek, students must take these three classes once per week.

My Dream School By ameerali1999 Ameer Ali’s School For Kids Who Cant Read Good Hello and welcome to Ameer Ali’s School For Kids Who Cant Read Good! Our wonderful little school is specialized in non-educational subjects, so that students Ameer Ali’s School for Kids Who Can’t Read Good admits only sixty students per year. Sleeping or Cooking. Sleeping: We know some people aren’t morning people, so for this reason, we offer a sleeping course. Cooking: Student’s underestimate the power f a hearty breakfast

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