My Ex-Best Friend

11 November 2018

Prompt: Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence. (431 words)

When you think about your past, there’s always one person who sticks out, who shines more than the rest.With memories so clear, one may feel like she’s in reality.Those are the memories that haunt me, just like everyone, I had a best friend. We bought friendship necklaces, mocked actors in movies, yelled at video games, and held each others’ hand.To any onlooker, we looked like sisters, twins almost. She taught me how to feel confident when I was in fifth grade trying out for a solo in the school’s Christmas program. I didn’t get it, but somehow I was okay that I didn’t, I was proud for even trying.

My Ex-Best Friend Essay Example

My twin helped me through sixth grade when I was bullied by a group of girls, the bullying was so bad that I stopped eating and was diagnosed with a pre ulcer.She talked some sense into me and I deflected the snood remarks, slowly, I became healthy again.The girl by my side was named Alexis, but she preferred Ali. She was my rock and I was hers. Seventh grade started and so did the bullying, but this time it was one of my friends. Constant stabs with words and hands rekindled my old habit. Ali noticed, and again, she helped me out of it.Eighth grade came and went with boy drama and broken hearts.

The end of ninth grade almost killed me, after nine years she threw away our friendship. I blame it on her, but I know I had a part in it too, I didn’t try to stop her or work things out.Miscommunication cut the bond between us in half; Ali was okay and I was miserable. My rock grew legs and moved on, leaving me behind to welcome the darkness. Over the summer, all I wore was depression. I was by myself trying to figure out the world, burnt with intimidation. The nagging sadness made me feel alone and unwanted, it wasn’t until the fall of my sophomore year that I started fighting it. Everything Ali taught me, I put to use: believe in yourself, stay positive, you’re worth it, you’re unique and beautiful, and you’re strong enough to conquer every challenge God gives you. To this day, I’m still fighting my demon but I’m happy with my life, my friends, and my family. I’m growing stronger every day and everyone can see it. Ali has had a significant influence in my life and I can’t thank her enough for being my biggest fan, my teacher, my therapist, and my best friend.

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