My experience with the flour b…

10 October 2018

My experience with the flour baby this week was good and bad.

My flour baby’s name is Noah Jonathan Faye. His last name comes from my middle name. Noah was born on January 29th, 2018 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He weighed 5 pounds, 3 ounces and was 16 inches long. Noah was made out of flour and a onesie that covered the toes. I filled the legs with cotton balls. I used pantyhose and cotton balls to make a head.

To attach the head I slid the pantyhose on the flour. I added a little beanie to his head. Some people asked me if it was the automated baby that actually cries. I said “no”, but I felt proud that I made it look so much like a baby that they thought it was the automated one. There were many good parts to this week. I learned that it is hard doing things with a baby. I now know that as a parent, when holding a baby you need to learn how to do things one handed.

When holding Noah, I often had to do things one handed, like putting stuff in and out of my locker. The good part is that it prepares me for the future when I have kids. When going to classes I would have the heavy book in one hand and then the 5 pound Noah, in the other, so my arms ached. A good part to this week was that the he got a lot of attention. Many people asked me if they could hold him or commented that he was really cute. I said yes but watched them to make sure they didn’t hurt Noah. Having other people hold him gave me a break on my arms for like 5 minutes which was nice.

The bad parts to having the “baby” also took part of my project. I had to watch it carefully to make sure no one would hurt it which is stressful. Also if I set it down, I needed to make sure it wouldn’t fall over and the flour/ body of the “baby” break. With nice comments always comes the mean ones as well. Some people said Noah was “ugly” or that he was “creepy” which kind of hurt my feelings. Another bad part was that when carrying Noah to other classes I also had to carry books. When going a longer distance I struggled with carrying the books because I felt like I was going to drop them.

A couple times when switching books in my locker I accidently dropped the books which I never do when not having a baby.     This project shows the good and bad of parenting and I’m glad it kind of gives me a heads up for the future when I’m way older and want kids.

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