MY experiences

6 June 2017

Why should I hire you? I will not say that I am the best candidate sitting here, because I don’t know anything about the other aspirants sitting outside. But I surely know about my abilities which can make me stand apart from the rest. I am a highly optimistic person and no problem can deter me from achieving my goals. Also I can adjust to any situation and can work with any type of colleague as I see it as a great opportunity to learn from others which will help me to expand the horizon of my knowledge. And the best thing about me is that I can make people around me happy and calm, so I can make the hectic work environment a bit relaxed.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? My strength is my weekness. Dedication to work is my strength. Sometimes it becomes my weekness. lf the work is given to me.

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I wont leave it till it gets completed. ‘ will try to complete as soon as possible. Why do you want to work at our company? I need a Job which suits my qualifications and skills,and which recognize my ability in the organization,so that i can update my knowledge and skills along with organization’s growth. and i feel that my profiles are matching your requirement.

As per fresher i feel that this is the challenging opportunities to test my theoretical nowledge to achieve the practical expertise,which can help your organization towards growth. What is the difference between confidence and over confidence? Confidence can defined as the beleiving in you’re ability to acheive you’re goals / performing tasks / facing challenges , with required efforts from you’r part Over- Confidence can be defined as over-rating you’re ability to achieve certain tasks / goals / challenges which is far from you’re reach and trying to reach it may lay the path for you’re down fall.

What is the difference between hard work and smart work? Smart work is well planned structured work and hard work is working like a machine without thinking much………. For a employee to be successful, using his brain in t he little work he does is more important than what normally people do… appreciation comes only when u stand out of the box. here in dis case we call it smart work. How do you feel about working nights and weekends? If it is a regular phenomenon, I may not like it.

Because as every machine needs a rest after working for a long time and recollect energy to work further, similarly our body also needs some relaxation at the end of day or week the Job. But if there is some situation I will always be there to fulfill the requirements of the company at customer service. Can you work under pressure? Yes, I can work under pressure. Because it will help me to show how I adapt those kind of situations also if I am, it will provide a chance to prove myself among others Are you willing to relocate or travel? Yes, so that I can enjoy more in my work and chances will be more in knowing new things.

What are your goals? My short term goal is to be a part of an organisation where I can learn new things and use my knowladge, skills for benifits of organisation… And long term goal is I would look to myself for the higher post. What motivates you to do good Job? For the self satisfaction, the self confidence, to enhance my knowledge always their life to make my dream real, motivates me a lot to do a good Job and to make them proud to be my parents. What makes you angry? I became angry when I see people are not committed to their work.

For me Commitment is sumthing which help you to succeed in life and unprofessionalism also make me angry Give me an example of your creativity. .. ln the beginning i had noticed that same softwares had been installed daily in my company .. o then i have createad a “. exe” file , we have to do Just one click on it automatically softwares would be installed one bye one…. so it save our time…. How long would you expect to work for us if hired? If the company gives a good recognition for my work, there will be no need for me to shift over another company. Are not you overqualified for this position?

Not Overqualified, I would say well qualified, my qualification will Just help me to do the Job better, and it will favor me to handle more responsibilities and help me to rise up to your expectations. Describe your ideal company, location and Job. The company which offers me an opportunistic environment and growth is ideal for me. About location, i am not location specific. I Just want to be a part of such a company wherever it is. And ideal Job for me is the one which develops my skills and makes me feel energetic by doing it. The company which offers me an opportunistic environment and growth is ideal for me.

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