My Favorite Athletes

7 July 2017

Tyson by Frank Mel I’m sorry to say this, because I know how many people will be disgusted by my content, but please give me a chance and consider what I have to say. I am a huge boxing fan, I am especially fascinated with heavyweights and I have done my research so everything I say has some historical evidence behind it. What I want to convey is that I am truly convinced that a young Mike Tyson was the most powerful, gifted, and successful weights champion of all time, and yes, better than Muhammad All.

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I know how many people are already upset, so let me pause and give some credit to All. He was a revolutionary boxer, no doubt a talent, he had great speed, defense and combinations, but I say with absolute confidence that a 20-year- old Tyson would knock out a prime All. Now, I bet I can anticipate your argument, many are saying Tyson?!?! Yea right, All had 5+ inches on him and 9 in reach and unbelievable speed and heart. Now, to address these arguments.

First Mike Tyson standing at only 5’10 did have what many would call a, “height and reach disadvantage” but in reality, this, “disadvantage” was really a huge advantage for Tyson. Tyson, Having a shorter body allowed for him to be able to pack on more cycle than his 6’3+ opponents and made him more mobile than most boxers and therefore harder to hit. Having only 71 inch reach also gave Tyson much more leverage and hand speed, which in turn gave Tyson his notorious punching power.

Tycoon’s height never hurt him, he easily knocked out guys as tall as 6’6 and 67 who also had 30+ pounds on him, guys like David Coco and Sammy Scoff. Tyson, is also widely considered the most explosive man ever in boxing, his hooks and uppercuts were devastatingly powerful and were responsible for 50 professional knockouts and nettles other amateur knockouts. Going back to the Muhammad All matches, I honestly don’t think All would stand a chance.

Tyson would use his famous aggressive peek-a-boo technique, made famous by cuss tomato and would aggressively land body and face combinations, which would demolish All, All did not have punching power or good enough defense to stop the dominant Tyson. What’s more is Tyson had the advantage of 25 years of advancement in boxing training and development of the sport. I believe Tyson would win because he was a very well-trained, incredibly rueful, agile brute, with impeccable defense who had anger in his heart which he could trace back to his childhood.

I believe All has assumed the title of greatest boxer ever because the public loved him, he was a good looking, charismatic, athlete who did, as I must admit, accomplish great feats, and Tyson did not receive this accolade because of 3 reasons, first Buster Douglas, his first loss after 37 straight wins, a fight in which Tyson had very little time to prepare and because of this was quiet out of shape,(not to mention the very questionable officiating). 2nd Desire Washington.

This Oman send him to prison for 3 years, a time in which Tyson would have presumably been peaking as an athlete, but instead he was sitting in a Jail cell all day getting older and out of shape. And finally, 3rd , the way Tycoon’s career ended was truly pitifully. Realistically Tycoon’s career probably should have ended in 1996 or 1997, unfortunately Tyson continued to fight until 2005 (when he was 40 years old and So there it is. Everything Vive wanted to say on the matter. Please don’t take any of this the wrong way, this was all simply my opinion, You of course are entitled to your own, so tell me what you think.

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