My Favorite Cousin

3 March 2017

My Favorite Relative Who is your favorite relative? Many people have relatives that they like and dislike. In my situation I like all my relatives, but the one that I like the most is my cousin Andres. My cousin is funny, easy going, and intelligent. The first thing that I like about my cousin is that he is funny. A lot of persons that knows him may not understand his jokes or the funny thing that he says. However, in order to understand the funny things that he is saying you have to know him like I do.

Meanwhile, I will continue enjoying my funny cousin until everybody else gets what he is saying. The second thing that I like about my cousin is that he is easy going. Andres, is a person that I can tell him anything and he will not get mad. My cousin is so easy going, that one time I lost a pair of sunglasses that cost him 200 bucks, and he event care. Therefore, that is why my cousin is so cool. The third thing that I most admire about my cousin is his intelligent.

My cousin is studying international relationship and he is doing a minor in geographic. Andres, is a person that may not look a very bright person. But in reality he has a lot of knowledge of different types of topics. To summarize, my cousin is funny, easy going, and intelligent. However, this doesn’t fully describe the great person that is my cousin. To really know the cain of person he is, you have to meet him in person.

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