My Favorite Film

1 January 2017

My favorite film I have many hobbies such as sports, foods, games and especially movies. I like watching movie. I have a lot kinds of movie such as horror, romantic, war, historical, musician, etc. I always spent many leisure to watch all its. My habit is always looking for famous movies on the internet. Most favorite film what I like best is The Incredible Hulk. The Incredible Hulk is super hero film based Marvel Comic character The Hulk. Content the film is about The Hulk-The monster has terrible power. The Hulk is Dr. Bruce Banner (Edward Norton). He is scientist.

One day, in the chemistry experiment, he effected by gamma ray ‘cause he wants to saves his colleague. So, he became a monster called The Hulk. It opened a heart-breaking long story. He cannot control The Hulk. He lost his girlfriend. Too many rascals look for him to take the secret.

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Many leaders think The Hulk is profession of United States army. He must move and to be fighting with the monster inside him. The Incredible Hulk film is different other super hero film such as Iron man, Thor, Batman, Spider man, etc. It has more human culture than that. The hulk isn’t just a monster he’s also a green hero.

He fights to save his girlfriend and the world. He has a heart. He is not haughty like Iron man. He’s stronger than the god like Thor. He doesn’t want to injury people but they afraid of him. They call him a monster. They keep away from him. He doesn’t belong to here. I love the Hulk. I don’t know why I like him. Maybe the story about him is very moving or he has the terrible power. This summer, the Hulk will come back in The Avenger film. It’s very interesting. You can see heroes in this movie such as Thor, Iron man, Captain America, Black Widow. Have you ever watched the Hulk? You should watch it.

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