My Favorite Highway

9 September 2019

It seems that once in a great while, you’ll find out of perfect chance a song or an artist that really strikes a chord with you. You hear that first beat or singer’s pitch and it’s over. Your heart strings are already right in tune and you can sing along. This is what you find in My Favorite Highway, a lesser known but fast rising alternative band. From their catchier upbeat songs (Bad Habits and They Tried to Kill Chivalry, but We Brought It Back) to their sweet, meaningful piano and acoustic melodies (Calendar Marks and Bittersweet Life) there’s something here for everyone. Every mood meets its perfect match through this band. Not only do they display amazing talent as musicians, but also as lyricists. From their most popular hit Bigger Than Love- “If you’ve ever heard a beating heart, A rhythm for the songs we’re too afraid to sing Nobody here is perfectly fine, A delicate frame, a fragile design” and from Calendar marks- “I’ve fallen victim to my greatest fear, The calendar marks that I lost a whole year, Three-sixty-five, barely alive, Grace took her good natured time to arrive” you can see that their lyrics are genuine and soulful but also contagiously singable.

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My Favorite Highway
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Made up of 4 men from Fairfax, Virginia, the band was formed when the lead singer, Dave Cook, left college because he was feeling β€œuninspired” and decided to pursue his musical career with his cousin and bass guitar player, Will Cook. Full of promising talent, this band will likely be the next big thing. That is, if true talent is still recognizable and appreciated. Happy listening.

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