My favorite place to get lost…

1 January 2019

The best place to lose myself is in music. Sure, music isn’t a location. But it might as well be. Music expresses everything from shock, to love, to anger. That’s one of the reasons I love to get so lost in it. For a few minutes, I’m feeling what that singer felt when they first wrote or sang those words.

Suddenly, I’m in their shoes. I’m no longer in my world, but one that is totally different. It’s music land. A place where every hope and dream gets jumbled into one. A multitude of genres and artists surrounds me, my favorites illuminated by a spotlight. Melancholy can hit at any moment, but so can happiness or confusion. I love shuffling my songs, plugging in my headphones, and letting the notes transfer me to a place far away.

My favorite place to get lost… Essay Example

Sometimes I get so distracted by my tunes that I physically can’t hear anything else. I’m so far away in music land that I refuse to leave it. Call me crazy, but it is one of the best states to be in.

Some people turn to recreational usage of drugs or jumping off buildings to create a high. I need go no further than my Ipod. It contains every piece of music that has moved me in some way.

If you want to understand me, look no further. It’s all in my musical playlists. I can’t imagine a better place to get lost.

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