My Favorite Restaurant: Capri Eatings

8 August 2016

My favorite restaurant is Capri Eatings. The restaurant is really good. It is located in the downtown of Lahore and it is a very popular restaurant over there. The restaurant has a very beautiful interior and the moment we enter the restaurant the whole interior and atmosphere welcomes us. The restaurant is basically a Chinese restaurant and it has a huge area. There is ample parking for people so whenever someone comes he or she can easily As I told earlier the restaurant is a Chinese restaurant and the food which is offered is Chinese food.

There are some other dishes which are also offered in the restaurant, but people mostly visit the restaurant to eat the Chinese. I like chicken Manchurian and chow mein. The taste is simply remarkable. I even tried to make these dishes at my house, but I was not able to make it in a similar way. The food is very tasty and also healthy. I have heard that make all the food in olive oil and it is perfect to eat. I go to the restaurant every week.

I remember that last week I did not go to the restaurant and there was a certain kind of emptiness in me. I then decided to go to the restaurant and when I went over there I felt very happy. I have my birthday coming up in a few days so I am planning to hold the birthday party over there because the restaurant has offered me discount. “Review for Topic restaurant above Topic snack bar” Reviewed December 7, 2013

My parter would rate this as very good, me as average. She prefers simple basic dishes, I prefer something I feel I couldn’t produce myself. It’s worth a trip if you are in Ordino but there are better places such as Gaspa and Casa Leon which you should try first. Remember there are two parts the snack bar downstairs, which is also average and the restaurant upstairs which is open less frequently and with a different menu. Visited December 2013

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