My Favorite Teacher

5 May 2017

Arun Sharma 24 September 2010 First I want to tell you with whom I honor of working with, with whom I have learnt to respect, and who deserve the utmost admirations. The teachers I am talking about work hard to do good Job, because, above all, it is a kind of responsibility so to speak towards their students and relevantly toward themselves. I have had several teachers among which there were only few whom I felt fit the description above, maybe most of them were good in their own way, but one cannot be sufficient in all ways or I may also have misunderstood them.

However, the teacher that I chose as deserving of the My Favorite Teacher” earned this title due to the care he showed to each of his students through his teaching, personality, and the all the fun had in his class is Mr. Gopal Sharma. Mr. Sharma is a middle aged person of 33 with a handsome personality. I always saw him in school in a well ironed shirt and pants with a red or a blue tie with white stripes, and he loved to be in field in the tracksuit which he had worn in a national level competition of cricket.

My Favorite Teacher Essay Example

He had medium length, soft, straight hair which he always kept in a nice style. He was a cool guy not only because of his kind hearted pproach but also his innovative teaching techniques. I had first met Mr. Sharma when I was at grade 2 in Marigold English Boarding School and he was on his last year of his B. A. (Now he is a M. A. M. Ed. ) He taught me mathematics from then until my tenth grade. His motivation and enthusiasm in teaching made mathematics easy for me. Not only I but also all the students loved his teaching style.

He used to make us solve the questions on the board and make us explain that which would increase our confidence. When he wrote on the blackboard he used to say slowly and loudly that all students would understand easily. In some eriods, some students may feel bored because of his speed. His style of solving problems was amazing. He would always have an easy way of solving even for the tough questions. He used to give tricks to all students who would like to take that. Mr.

Sharma maintained strict discipline in the class strict discipline in the class upon its violation we would get caned. One thing was that he used to give too much homework and if we complained it was sure to be doubled or tripled. In the case of not doing the homework I cannot even think how many times one would be caned. He used to be very tough in checking the papers of good students. He never gave me a score until I got all correct, not even if I was right through the whole page and was wrong on the last step.

That was the one thing which removed my silly mistakes. As math is the subject of practice the more we practice the more we learn. When he gave us more homework even only to be avoid his punishments also we have to do all those problems which would be for our benefit. We would be very careful on writing our papers when we realized that our grades would be in great trouble even because of our small mistakes. So I would really like to thank him for his strictness. Although eing tough he was very friendly to all students.

We all love being with him. He often Principal of our school and also played a great role in extracurricular activities. He was the supervisor of our Red Cross committee. He used to encourage students to participate in different activities. He was a good cricket, football, and chess player. He won two national level championships in cricket and several in chess. I learned how to play chess from him. To conclude I my best teacher is Mr. Gopal Sharma who is a cooperative, friendly and talented teacher who knows how to make his students understand.

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