My Favorite Year in High School

6 June 2016

Many people, including me, agree that high school is in one of life’s craziest and most unforgettable chapters. It is where one would begin to cross the boundary between childhood and adulthood, and where many phases of learning occur, not only in school, but in real life as well. I loved my senior year in high school because of teachers, friends, and classes. When I was a senior, my teachers were experienced and helpful. In my opinion, the experienced teachers do more than just go over the material in text book.

My Favorite Year in High School Essay Example

They teach students how to absorb the information and apply what they have learned in other situations. For example, the physics teacher was experienced because he made it easier. He explained the every subject in details and gave us extra examples, and he was ready to re-explain if any student did not understand. So, the students loved the physics because of him. Furthermore, a helpful teacher acts as a guide to lead students to success and treats them as if they were their own children and will give them a hand when they encounter difficulties.

For instance, I had some problems in presentation in reading class, and the teacher was very helpful when I went to him. He gave me some strategies and tips and helped me to overcome these problems. All in one, my teachers were well qualified and positive. My friends were intelligent and humorous in my senior year. A friend who is mentally acute can give us sound judgment and rationality when we face problems. For example, when my friend Mustafa noticed that my grades were getting down he talked to me and helped me pass this difficult period in high school.

In addition, a friend who is funny can give us an enjoyable time, and add spice to our life. Personally, I can’t forget my friend Ali who was always funny. He made the senior year interesting, and he helped me to get rid of the tension when he made jokes. All in all, it would not be too hasty to determine that intelligence and humor are the enormously significant virtue of friends.

My classes were motivating and well-chosen when I was a senior. Motivating classes depend on group participation that use brainstorming to facilitate creative thinking. As in science class, I learned how to work and think as a group. Also I learned many new ideas and how to choose the best one. In my senior year, the classes were well chosen to prepare the students for the college and undergraduate study.

For example, my physics and math classes helped me a lot in my under graduate study in engineering. It was easy for me to understand the classes in college because I have already studied the fundamental of them in high school. In short, the classes were interesting during my senior year.

Personally, if you have experienced and helpful teachers; intelligent and humorous friends; motivating and well-chosen classes, you are lucky and will get the most benefit of this year, as I did, especially if it is your senior year, you will be well prepared for the next stage of study. Based on the points discussed above, the senior year in high school was my favorite year.

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