My Favourite Pet

12 December 2017

My new pet is a dog. They are so loving, caring and a true friend. My little dog, Jingle, is a living example of what love is all about and he is my little treasure and holds a special place in my heart.

Where in this world could you find a friend who is more faithful and pure of heart? I always know that when I get home, I have a friend waiting there for me. After a long day, it is always nice to be greeted by my trusting friend with the wagging tail.His little eyes seem to sparkle like a diamond and his loving ways can soothe a weary heart. A dog’s love is unselfish, pure, and so true. No finer friend could a person have than the love off little dog. Little Jingle gives me great Joy as he is an inspiration to me as he brings a smile to my face and a song to my heart. In the spring and summer when the weather is nice, we go for long walks and smell the flowers and the leaves along the woodland’s edge.

He is a gentle little go with a loud bark, though his bark is worse than his bite. Single’s love is as radiant as the summer sun and as pure as the morning dew. He is my ray of sunshine, even on a cloudy day as he puts my mind at ease. My little Jingle teaches me to be patient and to care. As his little eyes show me the true meaning of love and of what is important in life. In this hectic world of stress and strain, It Is nice to have loyal and trusting friend who would give their life for you, If need be.

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