My First Day at High School

1 January 2017

The reasons why my first day were bad because I was looking stupid getting lost and I had to be separated from my best friend. Otherwise, my first day did get better because I made new friends, and met new people. To begin with, my first day of high school was exciting.

I was ready to get away from the childish games. I was mostly ready to get away from a school that was small and still had playground in the schoolyard. It was time for me to accomplished bigger and better things and get ready for college. I thought to myself, it’s gone be a good day.Secondly, the minute I walked through the gym double door, I nearly fainted. It was crowded and loud. It looks as if a million eyes were on me.

My First Day at High School Essay Example

From a distance, it looks like the people were ants. My hands started shaking nervously, but I tried hard not to show it. That is when Chelsea and I, my best friend, had to go our separate ways. I knew then it would not gone be a good day. It was not going as we planned. We knew this day would happen but we didn’t think it would be on our first day of high school. In addition, my day couldn’t get any worse.

I was getting lost around the big school and having hard time getting my locker open. It was torture. I felt so stupid. Laurens High school is like a big circle, so you could get so confused or lost in the school when you’re in the 9th grade for first time. I was quiet to myself, so I didn’t have the courage to ask anyone to help me. I was getting more nervous and scared. The classes I had didn’t involve any of my middle school friends and it was painful for me.

Finally, as I was going to lunch, the smell of pizza got to me so I had to taste it.I started having more confidence in myself. Then I was wondering about the switching between classes. It was something I couldn’t do because I was already getting lost and being late, and I hated it. I started to feel stuck because I still had not seen any of my friends who I was comfortable with. Suddenly, since I was a cheerleader for my middle school, people started calling out my name up close or a distance. I was shocked that I was slowly making new friends, and meeting new people.

I was starting to like high school after all.In conclusion, at end of the day, I saw Chelsea and we were happy to see each other. We started talking about how bad or exciting our day was. That same spot is where Chelsea and I started meeting up every day after school. It was an exciting and scary day for both of us. It showed me that I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it. For example, when I first got to high school, I was quiet and feeling stupid because I had no one to talk to.

I got on my feet and just started talking and made so many new friends. I was so glad to feel the fresh air of nervousness being lifted off my shoulder.

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