My First Day of Detasseling

1 January 2019

It was 4 am I rolled out of bed to the sound of my dad knocking on my door. He was saying โ€œ Liz wake up I know it is early but it is moneyโ€. It was my first day I had no idea what to expect. The only information that I knew was they sent home a packet with me when I went to the safety meeting. I decided what to wear a long sleeve shirt and shorts and then my tall socks and rain boots. Grabbed my lunch and a quick bite to eat before I left. I jumped into my dadโ€™s truck and we where on our way.

When I got there I was not the only person whose first day. All us newbies went to go stand by one another until they would see someone that that knew When the 4 buses got to the Harlan and Roger soccer field, all the experienced people went on first.

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Most of them had mastered the act of fake sleeping that way no one would sit with them. Finally I found someone who I had seen in the hallways but i did not know him. It was Trey. He asked how I was doing and we made small talk to start. We had a long drive, we went from Fort Dodge to Hardeeโ€™s in Humboldt then to Bode where our contractor lived. When we got about to Humboldt I told Trey that I was scared and had no clue what to expect. We talked it out and finally he just said just stick by me.

When we got to out contractors house they said, โ€œ Good morning everyone, My name is Luke and my wifeโ€™s name is Sharon. We have a few thing that we need to give to you these things will include a: neon orange hat with a net, safety glasses, gloves and a water bottle strap. Please at all times when entering the field have your glasses on, hat and net down and please before touching the corn put your gloves on. If you fail to do any of these your safety bonus will be taken away. Also, there will be many of you who will not wanna come back because you will think that this is to hard of work.โ€ I took what she said very seriously. I knew that it was going to be hard work and I knew that I was going to have to stick it out and make the best of it. After we signed in and then loaded back on the busses to head to the field.

After arriving at the field we had to go and get our panel numbers but me being new they separated us from the people that had been doing it for many years. T Brown and Mrs. Vogt where the instructor who taught us how to detassel the corn. I got the hang of it right away and I finished up with my one panel, they checked it and I went to go tell Sharon that I needed another panel. She was surprised when I went up there to get another panel. Sharon said, โ€œ Liz, what is the matter is this job not for you? Are you okay?โ€ I responded yes Sharon I am fine I just need another panel. She gave me another and I went out into the field in a panel all by myself with not a single person next to me. I went slow and carefully but then I decided to speed up a little. Before I knew it I was done and heading back down the corn field. Most people where on the bus sitting there. I went and asked Sharon why they where all sitting on the bus and she said, โ€œWell because they think it is either to hot or to hard.โ€ I asked is there more panels and she said,โ€ really wow you want another?โ€ I said yes and grabbed another and went back out. I finished that one in a timely fashion also and walked back to the bus this time there where no panels left and I went to sit on the bus. Then we headed home and Luke came on our bus and said, โ€œ I know this is going to be the last day for almost half of you. If that is the case please text or call and tell us. I knew that I would not be calling them.

When I got home that night I told my mother all about what had happened. I told that it was hard work but you just need to suck it up. Be tough and get through it cause not all thing in life are a walk in the park.

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