My First Prom

2 February 2019

“Do not decide something too fast; otherwise you will regret it in most of the time.” This is what my father told me when I was young. In May 2, I went to window shop a beautiful dress in Siam square for my first prom party with my friend. We walked for 5 hours already, were so tired that our shirts stack on our body; we did not even have power to have a funny friendly conversation. We were like robots which were only moving to find beautiful dresses. When our laziness was on the peek, we found one shop which hung many dresses on the wall. We ran into the shop, and found a dress which looks better than any other one we saw. The dress color was pink, which I really like, and the shape also was similar to what I wanted. I immediately bought the dress; even we were not planning to buy it that day, we said thanks to the worker, and walked back to the BTS station with smiling face.

When I went back home, my friends showed me their dresses. I started to feel like something is wrong. Is my dress look cheap? Is my dress too ordinary? Or is my dress matched with me? Those questions were going around my brain for whole day. It was because that prom was the first prom in my life; I really wanted to look beautiful. I was too much caring about my looking.

My First Prom Essay Example

About two weeks later, I got to go to Siam square again with my same friend to buy accessories and heels for the prom. We walked the same place again and found a shop which we did not see on the dress choosing day. We looked each other’s face first, and decided to go in there. We could not say any simple word when we saw the dresses inside of the shop. There were full of brilliant dresses. I tried one, which my friend recommended me, and it was simply awesome. Color was perfectly beautiful pink; the shape was exactly what I wanted, and the price was way cheaper than the one I bought. My excitement for the prom was diminished.

On June 2, I went to prom without having any confidence on myself. I could see many people with fabulous dresses. I could not stop thinking about the pinky cutie dress. From this experience, I learned what my father said was correct. I should have been more careful than before. Each time when I look at my dress in wardroom, I remember the stupid decision that I made by being too hurried.

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