“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.” These words of Theodore Roosevelt have been my driving force to further pursue my passion. I want to help people with obesity issues decrease in weight and promote health.

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This can be done by letting people recognize the seriousness of the problem by taking the proper action of naturally losing weight through oriental dietary style. For the past five years, I have spent my days as a passionate writer in motivating others to lose weight and regain their self-confidence and positive attitude towards their lives.

Honestly, I did not really fall in love with the concept of weight loss until I came to the United States for my bachelor’s degree in 2001. My first true introduction to the public health arena was when I experienced continuous gain and loss of weight. Through this experience, I realized that wellness and weight loss are the specific areas that I should focus on.  I became very determined to strengthen my knowledge that is related to wellness and weight loss. Sometimes, I would even stay up all night studying and searching for solutions to obesity and wellness.

When given the opportunity to pursue a career in the health care field, I would like to focus on public health, specifically in health promotion. Although this career path may seem challenging, I am confident that this is the best field for me to pursue. In addition to this, I am publishing my book, Kimchi diet, this coming May 2008.

I believe that Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health can help deepen my knowledge and expertise in the promotion of health and disease prevention. I want to focus on improving the health of the public and in the prevention of diseases by social, cultural, and environmental interpretation. These can help foster my vision of helping people withobesity issues.

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My family background

My decision in pursuing this field has been enormously influenced by the members of my family. All of them are very health-conscious. At the same time, my family has a strong inclination in the medical field. My father is a dentist, who runsone of the largest dental hospitals in Korea. He also specializes in Oral Pathology and is a professor at the Seoul National University. Being the dentist that he was, he educated me on the proper care of my teeth since I was a child. He even taught me on how to take care of my overall health through the right dietary habit.

My mother, on the other hand, is an artist. She specialized in western painting and is a professional expert on Korean food. She was awarded at the Seoul National Food Competition for her talents. She believes that the health of the family should be prioritized. All of her sumptuous and healthy food allowed me to learn and practice the preparation of these healthy oriental foods.

Academic background

I came to Boston as a freshman in 2001, taking a double major in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Finance. I experienced many challenges involving cultural differences and academic curriculums. I struggled for the first two years in college. I was learning a new curriculum through a different language, which was English. I was determined to overcome the challenges. My hard work paid off when I achieved an A for most of my subjects in junior and senior year. Though my GPA for the the first two years were relatively low GPA, I was still able to graduate with an overall GPA of 3.

I cannot forget my MIS class and advanced writing class in senior year. The MIS class was called, ‘Business Integration’. It was the most advanced class a senior was required to take. On the first day, I realized that out of twenty five students, only three were female. The professor for the class was known as one of the toughest demanding professors from Harvard. He runs his own IT consulting firm. The class consisted of diverse curriculums and activities. These included team project with three rotations, presentations, class contribute on, individual homework, and evaluation from peers.

Attending the said class pressured me, but I faced the challenges with my passion for the class. During that semester, I stayed up all night most of the time preparing for the class. I was never hesitant to ask the professor about unclear concepts, both inside and outside of the class. Furthermore, I always make sure to speak loud with clear voice, when speaking in public.

It was a drastic change for me. I was once a shy Asian girl who preferred to listen rather than actively participate in class. I would frequently ask questions in his office rather than speak in the public, through the ‘telecommunication’ class in the sophomore year. Finally, I was able to achieve the second highest grade. The professor was very surprised with my improvement and growth, since he knew me as a student who just came from another country.

Advanced senior writing class was one of the required subjects for graduation. It was one of those challenging courses that many students talked about. The concept was somewhat similar to a thesis paper format. The students were required to choose their own topics relevant to the career path they will pursue. It allowed them to complete one final paper throughout the whole semester and show their presentation.

This course seemed to be different from the first two writing courses in freshman year, namely College Writing I and II. The grade was evaluated with relative comparison and in competition with Native American students.

As an international student, I was worried about competing with native English speakers in class. All I had was faith and confidence in completing this course successfully. I was certain about my capabilities and the future career plan that I had.

Throughout the semester, I realized that this writing course was truly valuable. It made me have an in depth thought about my career plan. It was also a blessing in disguise for I was able to enjoy my four and half years of college life. To make it more memorable, I got an A- from the class, and I believe that the experiences were far more than just an A-.

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