My Friend Is You by Kate Nash

After purchasing the new Kate Nash album, ‘My Best Friend is You’, I hurried with glee to listen. I hoped that the fascinating and captivating songs that I had grown to love from her first album were just a taster of what was to come, and I was not disappointed.
Her story like songs, filled with imagination and a conversational like tone is like listening to an old friend. Her descriptive retelling of everything that goes through her mind makes the listener feel so engaged and involved you feel as if she were in the room with you.
The first half of the album is definitely the more new and original compared to the second half which resorts to the shouting and repetition of her earlier work.
Controversial track ‘Mansion Song’ does give the album a darkened edge; I must admit that I felt a little uncomfortable listening to it. However, it does carry with it a strong message, along with many of her other songs.
Many hits will be made from this, only Nash’s second work of art, including the hypnotic ‘Paris’ and ‘Kiss that Grrrl’. This is undoubtedly an album not to be missed, and I have a feeling Kate will continue to be my best friend for a very long time.

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