My Future Life

2 February 2019

Bang! Crash! Boom! I skidded and spinning like a runaway tennis ball on a steep incline. But in this case it is me on a trash can lid sledding down a garbage heap tumbling toward a cliff. Why am I on a trash can lid tumbling toward a cliff, you might ask? Well excellent question. You know what, I don’t know. Another question you might ask is WHY THE HECK DO YOU NOT KNOW?!?!?!

Well I have a explanation. I was just on my comfortable sofa wondering about my future drinking some Mug Root Beer and BOOOOOOOOM! I am sledding down a hill on a trash can lid toward a cliff. Well you get the point. Whoa! I am about to jump the cliff! Whoa!

The next thing I remember is the crimson wooden bench. Then a man. No not a man, a elf. A black Goth tattooed one with a eye patch on his left eye. He was talking some sort of verbal communication but I could not hear a sound. Suddenly I was face to face with a woman devil monster thing. Then everything went dark again. I saw a ghost. Then another. It was heaven. So peacef…

I came back into my body so quick, I got the air knocked out of me. I was in a chair. No a bleacher with a man covered in some sort of shirt. No it was breathing. It was sucking the blood out of his eye. “Heyyyyyy!” I moaned still in my trance. The man insolently snapped ,“Shut it, it is preparatory!” What, I wonde… BANG! The tennis ball was cracked, crushed, flattened all over the court. One player looked like a long-haired elf. And the other appeared a lot like me.

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