My Glorious World

4 April 2019

“Five forty-five” flashes a solid red. “Beep beep! Beep beep!” resounds throughout the groggy atmosphere, followed by the soft whish of a door swinging close. At the very moment my feet fall from the top of my bed to the floor, my mother’s feet drop from the front steps of the house to the lawn. Sauntering through to the hallway towards the bathroom, I wonder how my mother has the ability to conjure up the stamina to leave the house at the same time I wake up every day.

Maybe I just have it easy. After all, what is eight hours in a classroom compared to twelve hours in an office? I am guaranteed the privilege of public education, but my mother is in a constant competition to keep from being laid off. The most of my worries consist of turning in homework and getting to my classes in time.

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She has to bear the burden of supporting a whole family of four. It really makes me realize how much I take my life for granted.

Looking at my mother’s history further emphasizes my own fortune. Growing up in Malaysia, English was a third language to my mother, so her accent often distances her from the rest of the community here in the United States. The fact that I have the opportunity to build an actual career often evades my mind, because I was born in the United States. It encourages me to endeavor to make the most of opportunities given to me, and make use of these ever so vital years.

Knowing this, I feel the need to repay her for giving birth to me in a country of opportunity. I want to give her the boon of money and the luxury of relaxation. In order to do this, I have decided to take the path leading to a career in astrophysics and engineering. Not only has the subject fascinated me since I was five years old, it provides for an occupation with decent income. With this, I hope to be able to support a stable life for myself, as well as a stress-free retirement for my mother and the rest of my family.

With this in mind, I have strived all my life to demonstrate mental fervor and determination in and out of the classroom. I have taken my need for a successful future and transformed it into encouragement and perseverance that perpetuates my will to do well in school. I have risen to every challenge offered to me in order to stand out above the crowd and show that I am capable of working for what I want and what others need. I intend to continue to exhibit outstanding behavior studying astrophysics and engineering at a University of California.

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