My Hero

11 November 2018

John C. Maxwell, an expert in leadership, defines leadership as influence. One leader in my life that has influenced me more than anyone else is a woman named Bailey. She is a formal cheerleader from Baylor University, and graduated with a degree in entrepreneurship. She then pursued a teaching career at my school for one year. While teaching at my school, Bailey influenced many lives including my own. She was my Bible teacher my freshman year, which was a good start to my high school. She always listens to me, and offers her advice on any question I have. She is always willing to help and has always been extremely selfless. Any time I am ever near her she is always smiling, and she has a gift to spread joy to anyone she is around.
I shattered my ankle in the sixth grade and was forced to quit gymnastics. When I got off crutches in the eighth grade I started back up in tumbling. Bailey encouraged me to try cheer, and for three months, she spent multiple days a week after school teaching me and pouring into my life. Not only did Bailey help me in my academics and athletics, she continuously helped me in my spiritual life. She invests much of her time in listening to every word anyone has to say, and she never rushes them. She treats everyone as if they are the only person in the world she has to focus on. She constantly builds everyone up, and never makes anyone feel unimportant. She makes an effort to not just forget about a person the next year, but she keeps up with them. She never judges, and is always accepting of anything you tell her.

Bailey can find a solution to any problem, and is always willing to work with you every step of the way. I always know I can come to her if I ever need an encouraging word, or just to see a sweet smile. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, her inner beauty shines brighter than anyone I have ever met. She is easy to spend time with and a person anyone could talk to for hours on end and get lost in the interesting conversations you would have. I will never forget her and I hope I am blessed with many more years with her.

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