My High School Career

4 April 2019

During my 3rd grade year, my parents divorced each other. Me, my mom, and my little brother moved to a new house across town, which meant I had to switch schools. I did not want to be bullied and I tried for the longest time to get my mom to say I could stay at my old school but she never would agree with me.
As I walk down the halls of my second Elementary school, kids pass by me while making fun of me, calling me names, and picking on me. It is all classified as bullying. Luckily I only stayed there for a year.
My mom found someone new and we moved to a new town. I thought everything would be okay and I could start fresh. Well things did not start off real great. Some people seemed to be really nice, but then there were the stuck up people that did not like new kids.

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After a while things started to get better. I made a lot of friends and was not getting bullied. Then my freshman year came around.
The stuck up girls noticed me and started bullying me all over again. Then my boyfriend at the time decided to grab my arm and throw me across his room, all because I was stretching and accidentally hit him in the face. My sophomore year actually went pretty good. I became friends with some of the stuck up girls, while still maintaining my friendship with the non – stuck up people.
The summer of 2011 came around and I moved to my dad’s house in Pampa, TX. The guy I was dating at the time ended up being overly protective and would have most likely been abusive. Then the bullying started all over again. My cousin and her stuck up friends did not like me at all. I became friends with the non – stuck up people. Who cares who you hang out with? Well my dad got a new job and we moved to Dumas, TX. My senior year is by far the greatest year that I have had so far in high school.
I want to go into Law Enforcement so that I can help make a difference in someone’s life. I want to try to stop bullying. My idea may not work, but I am going to try as hard as I can. Nobody should have to go what I went through. My dad adopted me at an early age, my mom does not want me, I have a step mom, and I am only eighteen years old.

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