My Highschool Days

1 January 2017

As I look back on my high school years I see a complete transformation. I see myself going through some major and minor changes that have come to define my whole existence. My freshman year I was shy and self-conscious, I didn’t know where I belonged. I didn’t know who I wanted to be, or what to do with my life. I was 5’5 with long black hair that came up to my lower back, with nice straight teeth, and clear face like a babies butt. My best friend Nancy was about 5’3 with glasses short frizzy hair and a lot of acne.

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Entering West Potomac High School with my best friend Nancy was the scariest thing of our lives. Seeing a huge school with four sets of doors cross the front was a bit intimating. As we stepped in the lobby we saw random halls going every direction possible and older kids just passing by not saying excuse me or anything. We finally decided what way to go which was right out the door and back to the front of the school where we first started. We waited to see if anybody else we knew would come to where we were Selma Edis and, Lizeth, show up and I started feeling a little more confortable.

From that day the front of the school became the spot everyone that we knew would stand there before and after class just to see each other’s faces. Nancy and I were always together like peanut butter and jelly the only time we would spate was when we didn’t have class together. One day after gym we walked together to the spot but as we walk by we see Lizeth’s Brother, Alex. He was the most wanted kid in this school he was handsome, tall, with nice hair, and clear face he also played soccer every girl dreamed of being his girlfriend.

As we walked by him we smiled like crazy maniacs but tried to play it cool, he didn’t notice us so we just kept walking whispering “oh my gosh he is cute” hoping he would turn back to look at us. Nancy and Alex started dating they dated for 3 months but then broke up. Then I became best friends with Alex but still maintained my friendship with Nancy. She thought it was cool since they didn’t talk but after a while Alex and i started getting feelings for each other and I had to choose whether to risk my friendship with Nancy or reject the most wanted boy in school.

We kept it to ourselves for couple months but then the summer came and we actually became a couple and we didn’t care what people would say. Nancy and I stopped talking she was mad at me and didn’t want to be happy for me. That made me realized that I had to do what made me happy and not what other people wanted me to do. I was scared to lose her as a friend forever but I was really happy with Alex. Sophomore year started and we were still dating people were looking at us wrong so it was me and him against the high school. Nancy had spread rumors about me and people started talking about us.

We didn’t care as long as we were together everything was going to be fine. After a couple months people started to notice that we were serious about our relationship and started talking to us again. But the one person that I cared about still didn’t want to know anything about me. It stared to hit me and had me thinking if what I did was right standing up to what I wanted or was I wrong in hurting my best friend. Later that year Nancy slowly came up to me and slowly became my friend again not my best friend because she was still hurt.

Alex wasn’t so happy but I really wanted our friend ship back so I kept it a secret from him. Everything worked out fine that year Alex graduated and moved on to college we still kept dating. Junior year was the year I got my best friend back. Alex and I were having issues he broke up with me and I went crying to Nancy telling her that he had moved on and that he didn’t want a high school girl friend anymore he moved on to college then she helped me get myself together and help me think things through.

Eventually we ended up together again and I can tell that Nancy was happy for me but still felt a little awkward. Having a real relationship in high made me realized that all that matters is being happy because the people in school won’t be around forever just for those four years of high school. My senior year was the hardest year because I lost my best friend forever. We were best friends in the beginning of the year then I found out she was talking smack about me and saying things that weren’t true.

I confronted her and she told me it was true so we stopped talking and till this day we don’t talk. Going through that made me realized that even in a friendship for six years one can’t trust and relay on someone forever. Slowly I started to realize that no one is going to be by your side forever my senior year I also lost the guy that knew me best the guy I was happy with. After losing those two people walking out of my life I don’t rely on anyone but myself. I can honestly say that made me a better person in life. I watch out for what best for me and no one else.

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