My hometown

7 July 2016

Kelantan, a state as known as “Muslim city””. Actually it not only full of Muslim culture, although it is cradle of Malay culture, it also have other ethnic religion and culture and we live in harmony. So, I want introduce with you all how unique my hometown – Kelantan. First, Kelantan have many ethnic culture, the most difference with other Malaysia state is Thai culture. At many years ago Thais from the near Thailand state with Kelantan that is Sungai Golok come to Kelantan life and make married with Kelantanese. Thais build many Thai temple at Kelantan, there have Reclining Buddha, Sitting Buddha, Standing Buddha and more.

Kelantan’s reclining Buddha is longest statue in Southeast Asia can be found in Wat Phitivihan, Tumpat. Standing Buddha in Wat Dua Naga in Bachok also the highest statue in Southeast Asia, it have 32 metres tall. Second, Kelantan also have many delicious unique food. At “Siti Khadijah Market”, you can find anything you want, so want find delicious Malay culture food must come here. “Nasi Kerabu”, the very famous Malay food in Kelantan, the rice is blue it make from natural pigment and it will mix with vegetable, salted duck egg and Kelantan special food sauce that called “Budu”.

My hometown Essay Example

A another unique food is Thai food “Khao Jam”,”Khao Jam” is Thai word, “Khao” is rice and “Jam” is mix, so that is a mix rice with vegetable. It most same with “Nasi Kerabu” but it more vegetable, and the rice also have colour, but it is green and make from many herbs, “Khao Jam” also have mix with “Budu”. Lastly, Kelantan have many beautiful and most historic museum. At the “Muslim city” must have a Islamic museum, so it have “Balai Syura”, inside there have Islamic fine arts, crafts and photographs of the belongings of Prophet Muhammad and Islamic historical sites.

Another unique and historical museum are “War Museum”. The oldest brick building in Kelantan was built in 1912. It have records of World War Two and the Japanese Occupation. Conclusion, Kelantan are the unique state, it have Thai culture, delicious unique food and the beautiful and historic museum. Kelantan people also very friendly, Chinese, Malay, Thai, and Indian can communicate and live in harmony. I very love my hometown although it not have many young people entertainments. Kelantan our “Muslim City” and full of human touch, we respect other ethnic religious and culture and we love it ourselves culture.

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