My Ideal Friend – Low

9 September 2016

My ideal friend is Frank. I’m sure Frank is my ideal friend because we have been friends for many years already. Since we were kids, Frank has always been there when I fell down from my bicycle, when I was scolded by my parents, and helped me chase away dogs that were chasing me whenever we walked to school. One day, when I was walking to school together with Frank, we were attacked by 2 stray dogs. Frank took a stick and hit one of the dogs on the nose and the other dog on its leg. I was afraid of dogs but Frank was brave.

He was afraid too but he wanted to make sure that his friend was protected. I am not as brave as Frank and thanks to him, I learned that we have to be brave even though we are afraid of something. When I was in school, I was always being bullied by others because I was small. There was a boy called Rino that will always take my money and I did not tell anyone about this. Rino was much bigger than me and I was afraid he would beat me if I told anyone that he took my money. After 2 years, Frank saw Rino taking my money behind an empty class during recess and he pushed him away from me.

He told him that if he saw him doing it again, he would tell the Principal about this. Since then, Rino never bullied me and my life in school became better. Now that we’re already seniors in this school, both Frank and I are involved in many activities and study groups. I managed to have many friends because of him and he has taught me many things about our subjects and school activities. I have become a better leader because of him and I have learned many skills from entering sports activities like hockey and rugby.

Together, we managed to be selected for the state team and represented Sabah for hockey and played together in Kuala Lumpur. This is how Frank has improved me as an individual. All in all, Frank has never left my side and is still my best friend today. His character and attitude has made him an ideal friend to me. I will never have another friend like Frank and I admire his morals and how he always stands up for his friends even when he is scared. He is helpful and encourages others to be better and has made me his ideal friend too. (427 words)

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