My Ideal University

1 January 2018

Therefore, when a umber of different materials are pasted together to create a collage – it can be said that a work of art has been created. The title of my college is, “My Ideal University: University of Pennsylvania,” Although it does not portray many aspects of the schools but it shows a summarized picture of what I want to see and like in an educational instruction. I can say that my collage is realistic because it depicts someone or something that actually exist.

I decided to make a collage about the University of Pennsylvania because it the institutions where I have planned complete y doctorate degree. University of Pennsylvania offers full-time undergraduate study in four of its 12 schools and interdisciplinary programs that allow students to draw on the resources of the entire University. In as much as it is an ivy-league school, the institution help students shine like the sinking stars. The institution was founded by Benjamin Franklin who was one of the founding fathers of the United of States.Looking at my collage once can see different pictures. These pictures depict what I want to see in next school I will attend further my education. The picture of books mean, I want to be able to have access to different kinds of book in order for me to explore across different disciplines.

My Ideal University Essay Example

The picture of the Claire M. Fagin Hall is the home of the school of nursing; this is building where I see myself learning in a few years’ time after completing my studies here at Calvin University.The circled shaped picture with different students’ means, I want a school that is diverse. At University of Pennsylvania, they take pride in the myriad ways that diversity enriches their curriculum, and the cultural and social life of their campus. Their commitment to achieving eminence through diversity is ultimately a commitment to creating a more vibrant university so that their graduates will be both stimulated and empowered to shape a better world. I want to be part of such students that will make the world a better place.I want to be exposed to the vibrancy, richness and nuance of diverse life experiences.

The picture of a large beaker with two test tubes in it means I want an institution where I would not only continue to do cutting edge research, but be able to conduct research in a well-equipped laboratory with smart scientist from efferent part of the word; an institution that will allow me to test-drive ideas in real world setting and preparing me to make impact in established and emerging fields.The picture of a young male on red sweater in collage is an imagination how I will see myself smiling and been happy for achieving my goals at university of Pennsylvania. The other picture on my collage generally shows what a good university should have. I find making a collage fascinating because it is different from the usual art techniques. For example, I can remember when my art appreciation instructor was bout to make a painting or a sculpture; he either starts with a clean board and fresh paints or a block of wood or tub of clay.But when he was making the demonstration for making a collage he started with collection of miscellaneous “Junk” – bits and pieces of papers, magazines and glue. His demonstration was done in six minutes and his collage was created.

Although collages differs, generally making a collage is not time consuming especially if the artist knows what he or she was to create. The material the artist gather will have a lot to do with the sort of results they get. When making the collage, I didn’t go out looking for specific things.All I did was to cut photographs and pictures that I find interesting. I selected pictures what has a particular quality and suggestion about what I perceive. I ensured that the materials that I have decided to use were arranged and combined to make a dramatic, pleasing, interesting and beautiful composition. To achieve this goal, first of all, I imagined how I want my materials to be combined, I experimented with materials with different lines, shapes, form and colors and images and ideas.

This part was fun cause with collage making an imagination was not hard to do.I continued to arrange and rearrange the materials I have chosen until I got a layout or pattern which stratified my artistic taste; I finally and permanently glued them down. When making this collage, I realized that the most important tool was a pair of good, sharp scissors. It was used to cut the pictures into fined shapes and form. Another important tool was a white Lemur’s school glue. This was used because it was less expensive, washable, safe and non-toxic. I applied it with a large, soft brush which I eve gotten from the art lab class in Layman’s Hall.

I ensure the glued was spread to all the edges of each piece which I want to paste on my card board paper. After finishing my work, my hand were messy with the glue, I was sad at first because I thought the dirt would not clean off after I wash them, but I was excited that it did go off after I washed my hands. As an artist, I used a collage to explain my future academic goal of attending an Ivy League school – University of Pennsylvania, an institution that is committed to making its education accessible to the most rumoring students from every background through no-loan financial aid.

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