My Immigrant Experience

1 January 2017

Italy government has a parliamentary government based on a proportional voting system. The Parliament of Italy is perfectly bicameral: the two houses, the Chamber of Deputies  and the Senate of the Republic have the same powers. The Prime Minister, officially President of the Council of Ministers , is Italy’s head of government.

The Prime Minister and the cabinet are appointed by the President of the Republic, but must pass a vote of confidence in Parliament to become in office. While the office is similar to those in most other parliamentary systems, the Italian prime minister has less authority than some of his counterparts. The prime minister is not authorized to request the dissolution of Parliament or dismiss ministers (that are exclusive prerogatives of the President of the Republic) and must receive a vote of approval from the Council of Ministers—which holds effective executive power—to execute most political activities.

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The government was very selfish and was not for the people, so I have to leave the county to make a better life for my family and I. The journey to America was a struggle having to sail in a small boat of 8 people to America. We have to struggle against whether and cold night on the Atlantic Ocean, but our hope kept us alive and gave us strength to make it during that tough journey to America. When we reach to Ellis Island we saw so many other immigrants from different country. They was happy and seem like that been through a struggle trying to get here like we did.

The city we have settled in was call the Bronx which is in new York city. The Bronx is the northernmost of the five boroughs of New York City. It is also known as Bronx County, the last of the 62 counties of New York State to be incorporated. Located north of Manhattan and Queens, and south of Westchester County, the Bronx is the only borough that is located primarily on the mainland (a very small portion of Manhattan, the Marble Hill neighborhood, is physically located on the mainland, due to the rerouting of the Harlem River in 1897).

The Bronx’s population is 1,400,761 according to the 2010 United States Census. [1]The borough has a land area of 42 square miles (109 km2), making it the fourth-largest in land area of the five boroughs, the fourth most populated, and the third-highest in density of population. ( From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). The Racist attitudes were very friendly because most of the population there where immigrants and they were happy to be free like I am. The tenement building on individual 25 by 100 foot lots combined to produce extremely high land coverage, including back building.

Prior to the 1867 law, tenements often covered more than 90 percent of the lot, were 5 or 6 stories high, and had 18 rooms per floor of which only 2 received direct sunlight. Yards were a few feet wide and filled with privies where they had not been entirely eliminated. Interior rooms were unventilated. Many of the other immigrants from Italy worked in construct and made low wages because we were immigrants. The jobs consist of long hours and a lot of traveling. It was a better living for us being here in America and working.

At first it was a struggle because it was a lot of immigrant just like my family and I and it was a lot of competition in the work force but I was willing to do anything to make a living. With my being here in America I mange to work enough to have my own place with my wife I meet here in the Bronx and we have three beautiful kids (which consist of two girls and one boy). Life is better for me here in America and I still help my family when I can and send money to Italy to my other family that’s still there and I courage them to move so they can have a better living.

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