My intro

12 December 2018

As I glanced beyond the rough glass, my body gave me an incentive to sprint outdoors. What appeared as the most beautiful day of the year, was quickly consumed by my extensive shift hours and careless work ethics. The shabby white colored apron hung heavily around my neck, leaving a sizable rash followed by a sense of irritation on my skin. I had been at Uncle Paul’s Restaurant for only three hours when Shannon, the shift manager, gently grabbed my arm and said “Today, we’re a little slow; why don’t you take the day off.” My body did not move, yet I smiled vigorously to let her know my response. Shortly after my intervention with Shannon, I was outdoors, entirely free and far away from my responsibilities. It was early, however, I knew my time was extremely valuable. As I walked towards my neighborhood, I was drawn to the vast forest which stood within a mile from my house. Twisted misshaped trees that seemed to erect from fallen leaves and wasted ivy. The smell of rotting wood oozed through the air, as I watched the last glimmer of light disappear within the forest. It was surely an unusual sight, however I could not pull away; for what began as a strange attraction, soon became an idea. My life needed a kick of irregularity, and there was no better way of starting than spending some quality time deep within nature.

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