My Land by Celtic Thunder

8 August 2019

“My Land” is a song that Celtic Thunder sang during their show “Mythology.” You can find it on the DVD and the CD. It’s an Irish song that describes their yearning of home and thinking about the one day that they will be buried back home. They are not the only ones that cover this song. The other singers that I can name that sing this includes: Orla Fallon, and Paul Byrom. They also released this song as a single for Independence Day 2013 to raise money for a special cause.
Celtic Thunder’s version of this song is my favorite for a number of reasons. When they sing it on the DVD they are wearing their kilts which help represent Ireland. Also, I love how the whole group sings the song and not just one person. Another reason is, all of the emotion that they display when singing it. Last reason is, I just love how in the beginning of the song each of them come in singing their part then after that sing all together as a group.

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You can also view their video on it on their YouTube “ThunderTube” and look for it on Itunes.

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