My Learning Objective

10 October 2016

My Learning Objective is to improve my prioritisation and planning skills to give me more time to do my work. I have chosen this objective because sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the amount of work I have to do. My approach under these circumstances can be haphazard and I find it hard to remain focussed; I get sidetracked and therefore waste time.

I think if I prioritise my work efficiently and plan more effectively it will help me remain focussed and in control. By achieving this objective I would like to learn how to take more control of my day, learn how to focus on the tasks I have to prioritise while also finding time to do other things less urgent. I don’t have a problem meeting deadlines I just want to create some more time to do a few more things I would like to do.

So, as part of this objective I would like to find time to be more proactive; develop my knowledge, for example, read some of the articles and papers I don’t currently plan time in my day for; chat to colleagues regarding work issues or simply socialise – something I never find time for now. In addition to all the above, I think by achieving this objective the standard of my work will improve, my confidence will increase and my job satisfaction will be enhanced. Learning Strategy and Resources

With respect to achieving the above objective, I intend to do some reading around the topic of time management. I have already worked my way through the Time Management Topic Guide and picked up some useful ideas and thoughts (for example I have experimented with setting goals and keeping a time log). I have begun to build on that by researching other resources on the internet of which there is a vast selection. In addition, a colleague has recommended the One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson.

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