My Life 2… The Journeys Continues by Mary J. Blieg

My Life 2… The Journey Continues
By, Irene Alexandra Zendejas

The Queen of R&B Mary J. Blige does it again. She continues her My Life with My Life 2. This album is filled jam-packed music. My Life 1 was filled with her life experiences. Some of her experiences are how she has lost friends and family members and her parents got divorced. In My life she talked about the pain that was in her life and My Life changed peoples lives . My Life 2 is filled with other great artist like Rick Ross, Diddy, Drake and the Queen herself. My Life 2 is filled with upbeat songs and slows songs but, it comes from her heart. My Life 1 and My Life 2 are my favorites albums yet. If you want to hear the Queen of R&B, go and buy the My Life 2.

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