My Life as a Novel

I am Dante’s Inferno. Or maybe Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying. I am some complex novel of that type; full of profound ideas and detailed descriptions. So many deeper stories lie under the surface of my being. That’s why I connect to literature – so many people learn to accept the surface but choose to ignore the deeper meaning. Welcome to my life – I am a complex novel with many pages, a plain exterior, vivid images, and deep, underlying features.

Readers often begin with the cover. From experience, I can admit to only picking up a book if the cover appeals to me. But not only do readers do this, all people do this. My cover is not anything special – plain, not very detailed, somewhat lacking distinction from other novel covers. Society tells readers to only read the books with exquisite covers. Therefore, making me a lot of people’s last choice when it comes to my exterior.

When a reader picks me up and begins to flip through the pages they notice that as my story progresses, I’m seen in more trying situations. A reader may begin to feel sympathy. Some find my story boring and choose to put me down. It takes a certain person to be interested in the struggles I’ve seen.

I am full of vivid imagery. Finding the positive side to most things makes my descriptions more beautiful. When a reader is delighted by my sense of positivity, they want to keep reading. Living a beautifully imagined life attracts attention.

It’s not until the reader is very interested that they begin to read in between the lines. They begin to see the deeper meanings to my feelings, and the hurt that I’ve grown up. It’s not until then that they realize how complex of a work I really am. Though my words and sentences may be short and sweet, each short word and sentence can be evaluated and seen deeply. The reader begins to realize that behind the not-so-exciting cover and short clauses lies something so deep – a complex person with complex feelings. And a complex plot is often what makes a story.

I am a piece of literature. Literature speaks into my soul and makes me come to terms with who I am. I am a classic; someone to be remembered. I am complex; someone only certain readers can understand. And lastly, I am loved by my readers; the people who found me interesting enough to stick around.

My story is not yet finished.

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