My Living Room

7 July 2016

  After long and hectic days, all I really want is to be home. Once I walk through my front door a sense of relaxation takes over me. My home is one of the only places that can almost immediately calm me down at any time. My home contains many rooms, and they all serve as peaceful sanctuaries for me but my living room is my favorite and needs to be described to believe. My living room is a spacious seventeen by twenty-five foot room. It feels like fall all year round with its warm hues. My living room is a room with three and a half walls, which are painted a warm mustard yellow, giving a cozy feel.

On one wall, there is a medium sized leather couch, and above it, is an iron rod frame. On the side of the leather couch is a dark wooden end table containing precious family photos, a scented candle, and a rod iron lamp with a pig hide shade. The wall to the right is similar; up against it is another leather couch. Instead of a rod iron frame on the wall, there are two windows that bring light to the room. The windows have deep olive green colored curtains on each side of the window as well as wooden blinds. The light from the windows feels as if the sun is standing right outside. In the middle of the two windows is my basic ivory colored front door. Across from the front door is another wooden end table against the half wall.

My Living Room Essay Example

On the end table is another lamp, a wooden bowl for keys, a fabric flower arrangement, and other rod iron décor. Above the end table is an antique looking mirror, which reflects the sunlight from the windows beautifully. The wall to the left of the half wall is one of the main focus points because of the armoire against it. It’s a wooden armoire that has a dark brown metal masterpiece on each door. The design on the doors looks as if it were designed my hand.

It consists of a scenery of beautiful deer roaming and grazing in the woods near a river. On the top of the armoire lays my dad’s cherished deer horns, adding onto the country feel in the room. Hiding inside the armoire is a forty-two inch flat screen television that is directly in front of a rustic, old looking wooden coffee table. The coffee table is in the center of the two leather couches right in front of the TV. Below the coffee table is a multicolored rug that has warm reds, burnt oranges, mustard yellows, olive greens, and creamy ivory colors all in one. The rug is below the two leather couches and the dark wooden coffee table. The rest of the floor that isn’t covered by the rug is a sandy white colored tile floor. When sitting in my living room, the sight of the warm colors all around the room makes me feel as if it’s surrounding me with warmth and comfort.

Another factor that gives me the sense of comfort would be the scent of vanilla floating through the room. To me, it’s a peaceful sanctuary; I couldn’t imagine any other place that makes me feel the most at home than my living room. This room seems to always bring me down from reality, whether it was a long day at school or a busy day of errands I can at any time sit on the couch and have just everything disappear. My living room will always be one of my favorite places to feel relaxed.

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