My Mind is Music

2 February 2019

Noah Mazurek
Mr. Potter
English 12
September 6, 2013
My life is music

My life through my head is like music, it can be relaxing and soothing like jazz or heavy and angry like metal. Some people say I’m weird or crazy because of it, but I find it to be interesting that my mind works like that! It’s interesting because say that I’m sad I think of the last song that makes me sad and that song will just play through my head all day or until my mood changes. I really like this quality because it’s entertaining in a way.

Usually I have metal going through my head, but there’s different types of metal. There’s metal songs that are about happy events or situations, for example when you get married or fall in love. There’s songs that are sad, like when you lost your wife or someone close to you died, but the weirdest sad metal song is when a guy spilt his milk.

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And then there’s angry metal, it’s what everyone thinks of metal, it can be written to show how people piss you off or just anything.

I’m not the only one that thinks like that, a lot of my friends say that they do that as well. The thing is that most of us listen to different kinds of music. Like dub-step, classical, and country, but me and friend tommy both listen to metal. I can always tell what mood my friends are in by what they are listening to. Whether or not to mess with them or just to leave them alone. But all in all I love music, it’s probably one of the best things ever invented.

Everyone has their own type of music that relaxes them or makes them tough threw a hard time. What I’m trying to say is that no matter the person everyone has their own music to describe their life, their feeling. There are tons of music out there to express your feelings. Some people choose dub step, rock, metal, rap, or even classical.
That is why music is a part of me. I can relate all my life events to a song and I can change my emotions based on the song. I’m not the only one that can think or use their minds like that. Everyone can basically use their music to change their mood or behavior. That’s why everyone is related to music in their own way.

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