My Mission on Earth

5 May 2019

I am here to start the revolution of teenage artists, journalists, photojournalists, and photographers. I am a wave in this ocean, crashing against the steady shore of middle aged writers and media vigilantes. I will continue to fight against the unappealing expectation to “enjoy being a child”. I will continue to write in my notebook instead of playing kickball with the other kids. Instead of playing with dolls, I will be taking snapshots of the surrounding life forms.

My mission is to help other creative teen masterminds pursue their dreams as I am pursuing mine. I wish to inspire those teens to write with everything in their soul. I feel like I am here to help them see their potential. I am here to tell them that they don’t always have to like their writing, but they must believe in themselves. They must keep fighting, or else their love for writing will die out, and a love for writing is a beautiful thing.

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It should be appreciated; not everyone can get that spark or that excitement.

And I also believe my mission is to make my name known. I believe everyone’s mission is to leave a mark in some way, to live out their purpose. Mine is to show I am not some random, average teenager; I am not just another black teenager. But I am an intelligent, respectable, and determined African American teenager with a passion for making a name for herself and being a writer. That is my mission on Earth.

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