My mother

12 December 2018

My Ami

From the time I first opened my eyes in this world, till this very moment, all my acts and deeds are influenced by one person – My Mother, My Ami.
Born in a society where much attention was given to a boy rather than to a female my mother constantly struggled to get a good education and to successes in life. She is the kind of mother who has always been available for her five children. Not only that but she has been a constant help to the community. Being an educated person, she taught other women and children and helped inspire them with her example.

Ami taught me and molded me into a person I am today. She locked in me a sense of devotion and a sense of responsibility, espousing in me an urge to help others with what God has given me. She turned me from half – empty to half – full.
Ami is not only a mother but a teacher, a guide and an inspiration. When I had tests or exams she would make me study with the aim of not only learning but for me provide something for my community In order to achieve love and greatest satisfaction. I would let her words absorb into me and make me complete from inside. Sometimes I gave her a hard time as I would complain about having to do so much work while others got to enjoy the sun and she would turn around and look right into my face and say, “I want you to be an asset for everyone who ever needs you”. These words would bring me back on track.
Back in Pakistan, she would deliberately take me to areas that were poverty stricken and tell me how blessed I am. She would then discuss with me all of what I saw and ask me to brainstorm the ideas of how to improve these situations. In the end my answer always started with, “I should…” which brought a smile on her face. She made me feel like a candle that burns itself but gives light to others. She is the one who introduced me to my culture and traditions and fostered in me my morals and values, the roots of which are deep sown in me and will always exists in me forever.
“It is better to live one day as a lion rather than spending a hundred years as a jackal” she reminded me constantly. Every day I spend with her she would blazon in me a new hope, a new dream and cultivate in me the idea t struggle against my own demands. She is like a resplendent star as she brightens my darkened life. It is unimaginable of what my life would have been without her as she took me by my hand and helped me cross the various hindrances. Ami nurtured in me a sense of protection. I realize now that everything she did was for a reason.

What I am today is because of her and I am grateful to have such a mother who always did whatever she could to bring me closer to success as she usually says, “Your success is my success”. She was, is and always will be by my side no matter how much distance there is between us.

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