My Name Written in the Stars

1 January 2019

My head swirls as I look for Orion and his glowing sword. I try to take in all the flickering, little lights in the night sky. Millions of stars gleam with vitality. My eyes sift through the sparkling dots above me. One dot moves towards me. Just when I start to think a star is falling out of the sky, a small firefly lands in my hand. As quick as he came, the firefly flutters off into the sky to join the other small lights, leaving me with my curiosity and the music of the crickets in my thickly wooded backyard. My eyes widen as my child curiosity swims with thoughts and questions. I ask my mother and father, what seems like hundreds of questions: “How many stars are there and where do they come from?”.

I always found stars to be marvelous. They have always been flickering in the night sky since the dawn of time. I sit here gazing up at the same stars I saw as a child. They still fascinate me years later. Stars can be seen throughout the world. Hundreds of miles away, the same star can be seen. I know that wherever I end up in life, I will always be the same person, who my parents raised me to be. They showed me how to be strong-willed, curious, and hardworking. No matter where my future leads me, I will never lose those characteristics which make me, me.

My Name Written in the Stars Essay Example

I am a humble and analytical person. I value these characteristics within myself. I am modest and careful in the way I do things. Sometimes the luminous stars in the sky cannot be seen, but they are always there. Often, I may not physically show my ambitions, but they are always there within me. I am always thinking of ways to be a better version of myself and how I can be successful not only for the future, but for now. Just as the stars wait for clear nights to appear, I wait to reveal certain characteristics about myself. I do this so I can work on those characteristics and so I don’t lose sight of my goals. I believe that a person must conceal and focus on their plans, in order to shine bright in the future.

For centuries, travellers have used the stars to navigate. As I get older, I know there will be difficult times I will encounter and have encountered already. However, just as a star can guide someone who is astray, I will always be able to find myself by knowing who I really am and staying true to myself. Similar to the stars in the night sky, I can help guide other people. Through my passion of aviation and flying, I will be opened to a world of travelling. I will encounter diverse cultures, people, and ideas. I hope to share my doctrines and experiences with other people and learn from them also.

Throughout generations, the stars have correlated to symbolize mighty humans and creatures. Each constellation has an indomitable story. My story, my name, will be written in the stars alongside many great constellations. I know I will look back and discern my accomplishments. However, for every great end, there must be a vigorous beginning. I hope to establish this new start at The Ohio State University.

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