My Neighborhood is Great

6 June 2017

Great I really love my neighborhood. It IS a quiet, safe place With great neighbors. In short, my neighborhood iS nice to I’ve in. My neighborhood iS quiet. Even though it has the regular amount Of noise Of any place, there are many peaceful moments. For example, after most people have gone to work, you can hardly hear any noise. Of course, when the kids get home, there is more noise; but, it is relatively quiet all day n my neighborhood.

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My Neighborhood is Great
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A’so, I feel safe in my neighborhood. The police drive around It every day and the kids play outside with no problems. Since there is not much traffic, we don’t worry too much about cars. Furthermore, I can walk around my neighborhood without being afraid of someone hurting me. All in all, my neighborhood is secure. My neighbors are really good people. They watch out for each other and this makes where I live extra mce.

It anyone has a problem with their ar or even something in their house, a neighbor is usually there to help. One day, I couldn’t start my car, and my neighbor asked what was wrong. I explained that my car wouldnt start. and he got my car gong again. This is just one of the many examples of my neighbors are the best people I know. In conclusion, my neighborhood is a great place to live. There isnt a lot of noise, it is secure. and most of all, the neighbors that is my neighborhood. are helpful. There is no place like home and

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